2021 BMW 3 Series features, trim levels, and available options

2021 BMW 3 series Wagon Release Date & Price

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If you are looking for another luxurious car then the new 2021 BMW 3 series is just for you. Just as we already know BMW is known for their latest and also modern car design. The modern design will also being supported with luxurious and also interesting design. And the same can also be said with this new BMW 3 series with all of the improvements being made.

2021 BMW 3 series Exterior and Interior

Exterior body of this new car will be much sleeker in terms of design. Not to mention that the design will have a gorgeous body line that not only act as an aerodynamics features but also giving the car a more unique appearance. There will be new design for the bumper to make it looks masculine as well new adaptive LED headlights for better lighting

The new interior for this new 2021 BMW 3 series is adjusted to fit with the modern look more. It also offer both comfort and luxurious feel. The new interior feel much more luxurious thanks to the new and more comfortable interior design changes. Additionally the new interior are using a major black color for more futuristic and also stylish design in overall.


The new engine of this car is quite powerful. The new engine that introduced will be having a variety of engine from the smallest one which will be using turbocharged 3 cylinder engine with 1, 5 liter capacity. To a more powerful engine which is using six cylinder engine and 3.0 turbocharged engine with around 320 horsepower. The engine is much more variable and we can choose which one that suitable with us.

Price and Release Date

Much like many other new car, this car has been highly expected and anticipated. Not to mention it is coming from one of the most highly sought developer. According to the latest information that we can gather. It is expected to be released mostly on 2021. While the price tag for this car will be between $30.000 to $62.000price which means it can cost more or lower due to different specs.

Safety and Features

Safety features that will be applied inside this car is going to be state of the art. The technology of the safety from the BMW will make sure both passenger and driver remains safe if there is an unfortunate impact or accident. The new sensor design which is revamped to be much more flexible and sensitive will also allow for better navigating the new 2021 BMW 3 series as well.

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