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2021 BMW i8 Roadster Price, Specs, Release Date

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As much as many other car developer, we all know that BMW has been hailed as one of the best. Due to this reason they are coming back with their latest development car which is known as 2021 BMW i8. This new car will have some of the best features that will make the car itself looks much more interesting and unique. Not to mention it will have better specifications than the previous design.

2021 BMW i8 Exterior and Interior

One thing that makes the car much more interesting is the new body design. The body design is now using a much more lightweight material giving it a better and stable body. Not to mention the design is inspired heavily from futuristic and science fiction design. This means the car will looks much more aerodynamics but with much more stylish appearance tan normal car will be.

Interior for this new 2021 BMW i8 will be much comfortable if compared with its other or previous car design. It can be seen in the interior itself that the car are using better and high quality material for its seating, enhancing the comfort and also giving the interior a much more luxurious look. To make things better the car interior is much larger and spacious giving it better and much more interesting design


The new engine will get a 2.0 liter capacity engine which can produce around 300 horsepower. There are also alternative engine which offer 3.0 liter capacity and can generate 480 horsepower. Both of the engine will be supported with 9 speed level of transmission system which will make the car much more dependable and easier to control.

Price and Release Date

Price and release date is known to be one of the most important part of any new car this day. The same can also be said for the new BMW i8. This new car will be priced for around $140.000 for its basic model where the better trim will be much expensive in overall. On the other hand, the release date is expected to be the first season of 2021.

Safety and Features

Talking about the safety and design of the car, we can expect many interesting things from this new car from BMW. The most interesting part is the interior safety. It is enhanced to give better protection overall not only to the driver but also to the passenger giving it maximum protection and also safety for the new 2021 BMW i8.

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