2021 Dodge Dart SRT4 Hellcat

2021 Dodge Dart SRT4 Demon Price & Specs

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New generation of Dodge Dart is predicted to be released. However, there Is still no clear release date of this. Its price is also not clear. However, rumors that 2021 Dodge Dart have been heard by many people, including the manufacturers. It is predicted that this car is going to be rival for other cars with the same level and design.

This can be a great rival since the previous series of this car have become one of the best one. As the new generation, there is big expectation that its manufacturer will give better design, comfort and engine performance. There are some updates to find in 2021 Dodge Dart and some rumors have stated that some good improvements is going to be brought.

Redesign of 2021 Dodge Dart SRT4

When it talks about redesign, it is not only about exterior design, but it is also about interior design of 2021 Dodge Dart. For its exterior, the car is predicted to bring better design in more modern look. Somehow, it is designed to have exterior of sport car. The lighting of this car is going to have improved LED in its front and rear lighting. Grille also gets new touch to give better front look.

For its interior, it is said that 2021 Dodge Dart will bring some new technology. Latest technologies are installed to this car to give better comfort for drivers and passengers. Of course, it is also part of the safety feature of this car. However, there is still no clear information about the technology specification to use in this car.

For its interior, 2021 Dodge Dart will have more comfortable seats. The seats is said to have better material. It will be first-class seats and interior. The dashboard is design with domination of black and some red combination. Chairs are made to give better experience in driving with some feature to adjust the seat condition.

Engine performance of 2021 Dodge Dart

There is big expectation about the engine of 2021 Dodge Dart. There should be more powerful engine to produce better speed and acceleration. So far, there is still no clear rumors. However, some predictions say that the car is going to use 2.4L of inline engine. Specifically, it will be inline 4 turbo engine. This engine is expected to give up to 285 horsepower.

For the transmission and its wheel drive, there is also no clear news. Of course, things about 2021 Dodge Dart will be clear as the time goes. There is still enough time to wait for further information about the engine and performance of this car.

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