2021 Ford Raptor Gets Minor Styling Update For European Market

2021 Ford Raptor V8 Hybrid Price & Redesign

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Ford is one of the most prestigious car developers in this world; their latest product is going to the next 2021 Ford Raptor which has been known to being inspired from the name of the famous dinosaur’s species. The selection of the name is not without calculation as ford think that the new car will have the same and boastful performance as the legendary Raptor which has been known as one of the most dangerous carnivore that has walk into this world.

As a truck car we can expect many good things from this car especially from its specification and also engine. However, other than that it is also known that Ford has announced and tease us with some interesting concept of the Ford Raptor newest body design. According to us, the design of the body and interior is quite good and offer both aesthetic design and also great comfort. Which makes this car one of the most anticipated cars.

2021 Ford Raptor with V8 Diesel Engine

The engine of the new ford Raptor is the latest V8 engine. This car engine is much more powerful than your ordinary car because the engine itself has an overall capacity of 6, 2 Liter.

However, if you think that is not enough then you can also try the adjusted version of this car engine which is the V6 engine with turbo charged feature and 3, 5 Liter capacity. Of course with powerful engine it means that the new Raptor will have more fuel usage and it will become one of the main weaknesses of this car.

2021 Ford Raptor Redesign and Interior Changes

Exterior on the other hand is quite surprising. For a truck type car, 2021 Ford Raptor is quite unique and distinct from the other truck car design. What makes it even more interesting is that the exterior of the car is pretty interesting with stylish body line. The front grille of this car also looks very masculine with its unique design. And also cool headlights which will make the car looks even more stern and also cool than other average truck car.

Interior of the truck looks promising with the latest addition of leather material that have high quality and premium material. This makes the interior of the car feel comfortable and stylish. To make it even better, the car interior also feel much larger than the other truck car provides the car with better interior design and style. This is of course makes the interior even more interesting and has become this car better aspect.

2021 Ford Raptor Release date and Price

Finally, for the release date and also price, it is rumored that this car will be released at the year of 2016. However, because this car is still in development we can say that the release date is not clear yet and may changes depending on its development. For the price however, it is said that the 2021 Ford Raptor will have a price around $55.000 according to all of the features and spec of this car.

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