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2021 Ford Torino GT Price & Release Date

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Ford Torino has survived for quite long. However, lately this car has lost its customers. The total sales had declined and of course, this is bad news for a car. Some people prefer to choose Fusion than this car. This can be seen from the sales in which Ford Fusion get better score in its total sales. Some people then think that this car will not be continued. However, there is also news about 2021 Ford Torino.

Discontinuation has become big rumor related to this Ford Torino. This is because the car gets lower sales and this can be worse when it is continued. However, in other part of the world, there is Chinese-built Torino and it is said that this one is going to be brought to US and other markets as the 2021 ford Torino. This can be a good chance of Ford to get better income from Ford Torino.

New Design of 2021 Ford Torino

Related to its new design, it is said that 2021 ford Torino will have more efficient size. This does not mean that the car will sacrifice its space of cabin. The size may bet smaller, but there are also other dimensions get upgraded, so this car still can give convenience for the driver of this car. The space for engine and other spots are also developed, so the space will remain comfortable.

For the whole design, it is said that 2021 ford Torino will have similar design with its Chinese version. The car is going to have better design of headlight and rear lighting. Its grille also gets attention since it is made larger. The rear part is predicted to be made like a limousine. In this case, these redesigns are made to give classy look for its body size.

For its interior, the cabin is made quite spacious and efficient, so passengers still can feel comfortable. Then, there are some updates for its interior feature. its digital instrument and entertainment units are upgraded to provide better cabin experience. Some unique touches are also said to be added for the 2021 ford Torino.

Engine of 2021 Ford Torino

Specification for 2021 ford Torino engine is going to be similar to the Chinese model. Its Chinese model has 2L 4-cyllinder turbocharged engine. There is also option of bigger engine. It is 2.7L V6 with twin-turbo. However, there are other speculations that the V6 engine will be replaced by 2L or 2.3L EcoBoost engine to boost its fuel efficiency.

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