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2021 Mazda RX8 Price, Specs, Release Date

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With all of the upcoming new car from different car developer, Mazda try to develop their newest car which is dubbed as 2021 Mazda RX8. As we already know, Mazda RX series is one of their popular and high grossing sports car in the global market. Their latest development for this new car will introduce a variety of improvement which will make the car much better and also reliable.

2021 Mazda RX8 Exterior and Interior Redesign

Mazda RX8 has been known to be one of the sport car with gorgeous body design. And their latest generation for the 2021 is just exactly the same, the car offer an aerodynamics features. Additionally, the new front bumper grille with headlights making the car much more favorable. Not to mention that the design of the body car now offer different types of color to choose from, giving this car an edge in style department.

For the interior, the new Mazda RX8 will introduce a luxurious interior design. In terms of design and comfort, this car will be applied with high quality premium material which assure the passenger and driver will be sit in comfort. There are also infotainment system in the main cockpit complete with Wi-Fi, blue Tooth and navigation system which will enhance the driving experience.

2021 Mazda RX8 Engine Specs and Changes

For the engine, this car will be using a more powerful engine that will improve the specifications. As we already know, RX7 is one of the sport car that are quite popular which means Mazda will improve the engine as the main focus. The engine used is predicted to be Wankel rotary petrol engine. This engine will be having two rotors with 1, 6 liter displacement and capable of generating 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque.

2021 Mazda RX8 Price, Release date and Safety Features

Last but not least, there are different types of information regarding the price and release date. As this car is still under development, the price itself are not fixed yet. This means that the price which is expected to be $50.000 can change due to the development. On the other hand, if we are talking about the release date then expect the car to hit the market on the year of 2021.

While in the previous paragraph we have discussed about the other specification. We finally, come to conclusion with the final feature of this car which is the safety features. For the safety features, this car will introduce a brand new airbags system which is more advanced, new sensor and parking system as well collision detection. All of these will make the new 2021 Mazda RX8 ready to compete in the market on its release.

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