2021 Toyota RAV4 interior & exterior features, MPG, horsepower and more

2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime Price & Specs

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Toyota with their latest product which is the 2021 Toyota RAV4 will be giving us many interesting details and also improvements. The improvements that will be applied into this car will be divided into three different parts. The improvements will be focused on the engine, exterior and also the interior. This will make the car much better than the previous version of the car.

  • What We Like

The new engine is now far more subtle and not too noisy. Not to mention that the new interior design is far more comfortable than it is supposed to look which is a good plus for this car in overall.

  • What We Don’t Like

One of the downside of the car is that the body design looks a bit simplistic and does not give distinct look. Which means it looks like a standard SUV in general.

  • What’s New for 2021

New interior design with comfortable looking design as well improved engine that now far more superior. But also subtle at the same time giving this car an edge over other SUV in this year release.

  • Price Range

With all of the information about the car improvements and also changes. It will be natural for this car to have price that are much expensive than the previous version. The price that are applied for this new 2021 Toyota RAV4 is expected to be around $28.000 price tag.

2021 Toyota RAV4 Exterior and Interior

Even though the exterior receive some enhancements, the enhancements is pretty simplistic. One thing that are known is that the design of the body is using SUV and crossover design. There are also additional sun and moon roof features. The body is also improved to be much more aerodynamics to a degree. However, overall it still retains the same SUV design.


Interior have many interesting things to be talk about. First of all is the new navigation system which is upgraded with adaptive cruise control as well new display touch screen that has 7 inches wide screen. The interior itself are designed to be much more appealing with new design that looks comfortable. Yes, it looks especially comfortable because the larger space and also trunk to store items.


The engine of the car looks interesting even though it is using the original 4 cylinder engine. Yes, the engine looks standard but don’t go away just yet because it has many interesting features. The first one is that the transmission system which offer many system from dual shift to CVT Trans system. Additionally it also using all-wheel drive system for better driving experience as well.

Safety and Features

System that prevent lane drift, combined with some of the cutting edge technology giving this car a safer design than most SUV. Not to mention that the new design of the navigation system allow the driver to have better use on the car in overall. This means this new 2021 Toyota RAV4 is a great SUV to be used by many people regardless their capabilities in driving.

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